About us

Business Incubation

At the holding group level, G3 International Holdings operates a Business Incubation Team made up of staff from across the company and its divisions. Our entrepreneurial corporate culture empowers all our staff to actively seek and exploit new opportunities on behalf of ourselves, our partners and select third parties.

We specialise in thinking creatively to maximise the value in everything that we do. After a unique value proposition has been identified, our Business Incubation Team provides support through a complete range of services, from feasibility studies and business planning to company incorporation, sales and marketing and even office space and recruitment.

Many of the investments, projects and companies managed by our three subsidiary divisions were brought to life by our Business Incubation Team.

The services provided fall into five distinct stages:


The constant search for new opportunities by our highly-skilled team results in an idea for a business, project or investment. Our team specialises in thinking outside the box to bring unique value and maximise the potential of any prospective venture. International Holdings also incubates ideas brought to us by our partners as well as select third parties and key industry players.


Once the unique concept is sufficiently advanced, G3 International Holdings' business planning team conducts an in-depth feasibility study and market analysis, complete with a full breakdown of potential competitors and projected revenues, to assess the potential venture's commercial viability.

Business planning

A detailed, financially-sustainable business plan is drawn up, including branding, corporate communications, sales and marketing strategy, company structure, financing, location and prospects.


G3 International Holdings' Business Incubation Team arranges everything needed to begin operations, including company incorporation, financing, recruitment, office space, IT and telecoms network,paper, sales and marketing support, management advice, legal services and key performance indicators.


The fully operational company or project is sold, floated or released. G3 International Holdings' stake or role passes to the relevant subsidiary division, which provides continual support to manage and grow the investment. In the case of projects undertaken solely on behalf of third parties, the company is returned to them.

G3 International Holdings' Business Incubation Team has successfully conceived and launched many prominent, commercially-successful businesses.

All the services provided by our Business Incubation Team, as well as many others, are offered to third parties through our subsidiaries, which are divided into three key divisions: Paper, Financial and Socially-Responsible Investments.