G3 International Holdings will only undertake projects that are ethical and produce financial returns for ourselves and our partners.

Wherever possible we strive for our projects to benefit our staff, the community and the environment.

Wherever possible we try to minimise our impact on the environment, whether it be huge projects such as building renewable energy plants, or small gestures like recycling scrap paper in our offices.

G3 International Holdings actively seeks out projects, opportunities and investments that fit our strong ethical outlook on life.

Seeking to benefit society and the environment is so important to us, we decided to set up a dedicated Socially-Responsible Investment Division, which puts public service ahead of everything else.

At the heart of our business is the understanding that people are our most important resource. We have created an environment which attracts and retains entrepreneurial self-starters. Our unique corporate philosophy has grown and developed over the years, but it is rooted firmly in a liberating owner-manager culture. By empowering our team to take ownership of their work we bring passion, dynamism and unique value to everything we do.

We believe that good values and good business are the same thing. Respect for people and the environment is fundamental to everything we do. That's not lip service - our projects speak for themselves.

At G3 International Holdings we believe in building a better world.